4 Hour Beginner Business Course *ADHD Friendly


What if you could get everything right now to start your business?


Our '4-Hour Business Blueprint' specifically caters to the unique fears and challenges, offering a transformative journey from apprehension to action.

This course tackles anxieties like disorganization and overwhelm, providing a clear, structured roadmap for success. You'll gain both support and professional strategies to methodically develop your business plan from start to finish. By the end, you'll be equipped to

1. to grow your business

2. engage ideal customers, and

3. confidently make your first sale, all with a renewed sense of control.


Most importantly, I want you to learn the way that works for you.


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What students are saying

"felt very overwhelming. I found everything I needed in Claire Business Course. It's a one-stop shop with a community that gets me, plus features like podcasts and captions that make a world of difference."

College Student, Eva S.

"Big shoutout to Claire for making a course that gets it. It's more than lessons; it's a confidence boost, a roadmap, and a little nudge saying, 'You've got this, and we've got you.' Can't wait to see where this journey takes me. Thanks, Claire, for lighting the way."

Aspiring Entrepreneur, Sammy J. 

Her honesty about her own ADHD journey? So refreshing. It made me feel seen, understood, and far from alone on this wild ride. The course layout, with its bite-sized lessons and cool accessibility features, was perfect for my scattered focus. And the community vibe? It's like finding your tribe, people who get the hustle and the hurdles

Sarah F. , Leaving full time job

Jumping into something new, I needed a real push. Claire's course was spot on. It kept me on my toes, and whenever doubts crept in, the community was there—like having a team in your corner. Super grateful for the advice and pep talks. Thanks to this, I'm all in on my new journey. Cheers to Claire for being my hype woman!

Mia H, New Career

Hello friend, I'm Claire! After a total burn out from my 9-5 high school teaching job, I tapped into the unique strengths of my ADHD and started working for myself. Skip ahead a decade of entrepreneurship where I have built the 4-Hour Business Course just for you Female Entrepreneurs with ADHD!


This course isn't just about business; it's a celebration of our extraordinary minds. 

This course has been designed for the creative and entrepreneurial brains like us! You are naturally innovative, adaptable, and creative – essential traits for entrepreneurial success.

What does this course mean for you?

  • Designed for Your Unique Brain: This course caters specifically to our way of thinking and working

  • Break Free from 9-5: Create a business that aligns with your rhythm, leveraging your strengths in a way the traditional work environment never could.

  • Join the Community: This is a place to not feel like you're all on your own. We get you!

Join me and together let's tap into our superpowers and build a business that thrives on your terms. It's time to create a lifestyle and a business that truly fits your brilliant, one-of-a-kind brain. 

I can't wait to meet you on the inside!

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Structured Flexibility.

  • Your Pace, Your Style: Learn in a way that best suits you. Ie. Podcast, video, closed captions, notebooks.
  • Modules for Structure: Detailed modules for those who appreciate a guided approach.
  • Adaptable Content: Whether you prefer structured learning or a more fluid approach, this course meets you where you are.


A Supportive Community.

  • Connect with Peers: Join a network of inspiring women who truly understand your journey.
  • Share and Learn: A space to exchange strategies and experiences.
  • Build Meaningful Connections: Forge lasting relationships with like-minded entrepreneurs.
  • Accountability and Understanding: Benefit from a community that offers both support and accountability, all within an ADHD-aware framework.


Personalized Strategies.

  • Diverse ADHD Approaches: Tailored strategies acknowledging the variety of ADHD experiences.
  • Strengths-Focused Tools: Designed to harness your unique strengths and tackle specific challenges.
  • Real-World Application: Tools and strategies geared towards practical, real-world business success.
  • Expert Guidance: Benefit from expert insights to ensure effective implementation in your entrepreneurial journey.


Let's harness your awesome today! You’re just a few steps away from a happier and more creatively fulfilled life. Join today!

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From Claire:

"You don't have to build your business alone. I'm here to guide you."


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Claire's step-by-step business course made starting a business way less overwhelming, especially for someone with my ADD!

-Jeff T.

Thanks Claire, I now have the confidence to actually a business and know I can do it .

-Brigid L.

I don't usually like to learn online but Claire's course was different. I could listen to the podcast on the go and take notes with the workbook.

-Katty R.

By the End of My Business Course, You'll Have Mastered:

Self - Understanding + Motivation

  • Deepen self-awareness about personal motivations and drives.
  • Align business goals with personal values and passions.

Strategic Business Planning

  • Develop a concise one-page business plan.
  • Outline both short-term and long-term business goals.

Effective Market Research

  • Conduct thorough industry and competitive analysis.
  • Define and understand the target market and customer personas.

Resource Management and Optimization

  • Utilize online tools and databases for efficient market research.

  • Master time management and delegation for optimal business operations.

Compelling Marketing and Storytelling

  • Create effective marketing strategies and storytelling techniques.
  • Develop engaging content for different platforms, including social media and email.

Financial Planning and Pitching Skills

  • Gain insights into managing finances, including startup costs and cash flow analysis.
  • Learn the art of pitching, focusing on problem-solving, unique value propositions, and revenue strategies.

When you pay for the course, this is what is inside: 


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Ready to turn your business dreams into reality? The "4 Hour Beginner Business Course for is your gateway to success. This course is uniquely designed to align with the learning styles and needs of entrepreneurs *ADHD Friendly.

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